Getting to know Kirsten Dunst

Getting to know Kirsten Dunst

Taking into consideration the amount of wise-beyond-their-years women Kirsten Dunst has played in her brief but stellar career, it is not astonishing the young celebrity comes across as mature, concentrated, and incredibly intelligent.

What is more astonishing is how much she loves performing what are, by her standards, pretty light parts. Not that they are simple: in Small Soldiers, she needed to perform with fantastic CGI foes, like “all these small dolls climbing up me and jabbing branches into me and things like this.”

In a lot of her previous characters, Dunst played kids coping with complicated mature positions, with refined want and anxieties.


Christy, the heroine of the brand new, black toy narrative, is “the tough girl” who rides a bike and repeatedly saves the wimpy hero – but she is likewise an teenager looking for affection. Dunst bristled in a press release for the movie which qualifies Christy as secondary to the hero, Alan, whom she must save from home nails and corn picks.

“We are partners – I really save him all through the film, I am the heroine,” she insisted. “In the start I believe he is a total loser.

In the conclusion I am his girlfriend, he gets me, I do not understand how. However they call me ‘his friend’ like I am some girlfriend in the picture? This can be a more powerful character than that!”

Dunst consented to try this movie before the script had even been completed, because she was so impressed together with the director’s strategies.

I desired to work with him and I believed it was such a cool concept, along with the soldiers seemed so awesome.”

Small Soldiers was shot on a tight schedule to depart time for the computer images, which meant the performers needed to get used to some pretty unusual working states.

Dunst was used to focusing on effects-intensive sets from Jumanji, but still had minutes of performing against villains who were not present for the scene.

“I needed to lie on the earth and all these small dolls are climbing up me – but not one of them are there – and they are likely to be jabbing branches into me and things that way, I’ve to pretend they were doing all this to me.

I think to myself, I can not believe I am doing this! But I only have to make use of my imagination.” Not a scenario which most playing courses would prepare one for.

But because Chip Hazard’s voice had not been added until postproduction, she didn’t even meet Tommy Lee Jones.

“In filming, the puppeteers did the voice of Processor,” she clarified. “Occasionally you do the scenes using the puppets, occasionally you do not, it depends on what the puppets are doing.”

“When it’s something where the puppets must go quite intricately afterward they CG the whole thing. They come in the area plus they bring in this matter, one side’s like mirrored plus one side’s grey, plus they only flip it over, they go around where the soldiers would be, which is how they CG it in, however do not ask me how because I ’ve no clue!”

On the phone, Dunst is witty, dynamic, and personable, though her vocabulary and manner belie her age.

Get her talking about her goals, however, as well as the intensity she brings to her movie characters starts to surface. “I definitely desire to compose and direct, I would like to get my own, personal production company – I already have novels I’d like to make into films,” she declared last month.

“I enjoy comedies and play, but just some suspenseful films – no suspense films have great jobs for girls! They ought to make more films where the girls would be the heroines of the picture – I Will compose them, do not stress. When I ’ve a generation business, it is planning to be an all-girls attempt.”

“The New Jersey-born actress continues to be in Canada much with this summer working on Dick, a comedy in regards to some of ditzy teen girls who become unintentionally embroiled in the Watergate scandal. Because of this, she is cramming schoolwork into all her days away.”

“I have been doing schoolwork all morning – I am extremely exhausted. Tomorrow I am working, but now I ’d off because they are doing some scene with Woodward and Bernstein.”

Dunst, whose dad works to get a medical firm and whose mom protects her brother and herself, has every intention of graduating from high school on program.

“I have been extremely active this year – maximum, I Have likely experienced school four weeks – but my school deals with it extremely nicely. I simply fax my work back and forth to the institution. Once I’m home, I’d like to attend a regular school, I do not need to do home schooling because I desire to be with my buddies and have a routine life when I am not working. But it is tough.”

It is been worth it, yet, because Dunst is apparently making the transition from youthful characters to mature parts quite successfully.

“It is tough to really go from really being a young girl to having adult jobs and having folks understand that one may manage them. Plenty of men and women look at my name and believe Interview With the Vampire, chances are they look at me and go, wow, I did not know you were so tall! I presume that it is great that I begin to get into more serious parts so I show folks that I will manage mature jobs.”

“I believed it’d be a enormous challenge to play a pregnant teen, and that doing that picture would make folks view I am not ten anymore – I also believed it was a really fascinating script,” she noted.

“It was hard giving birth, but when individuals give birth for the very first time they don’t have any experience with it either, like Tina.” In terms of getting used to feeling pregnant, “those bogus midriffs are really so uncomfortable; it was extremely sweaty, and do not even bother going to the toilet because it’ll take a half an hour!

Dick is a romp by comparison – the narrative of two innocent and “daffy” girls who stumble to the midst of the Watergate conspiracy.

“It is only so much pleasure, for the reason that they are kind of hyper plus they are really amusing together. We drift through the White House and bulge into Nixon and we turn out to be Deep Throat – we feed Woodward and Bernstein all their advice!”

Dunst laughed. Though she is much too young to remember Watergate, she said her comparative lack of qualifications worked in her favor for the job: “I ’m not designed to recognize what’s going on, we are only supposed to adore Nixon and not actually comprehend – they get ahold of the CREEP list plus they don’t have any notion what it’s, and let their dog eat it! Therefore I did not actually do research.”

Along with Small Soldiers, Dunst has another movie coming out this summer: Strike, the narrative of several girls who fight to cease their boarding school from becoming co-ed.

“It occurred in the ’60s, they needed better jobs and better schooling, and they did not need the lads to take over their school,” she clarified. It is a great women’s picture, it is likely to be a great picture for young girls.”

Like the majority of women in Hollywood, the performer can be involved in regards to the amount of women’s functions which are barely more than smashers and girlfriends – “I ’m so sick of that, and that I am hoping it finishes” – but says the scripts she is seeing for girls her age happen to be becoming better and better.

“They’ve a growing number of jobs for teens since they are the individuals who go view the pictures,” she pointed out. “We are blessed, all the teen actors and performers right now. I am flattered if folks think of me as a role model. And then there was Jewel, this rocker smasher.”

“I desire to do more movies for girls, great functions.

Her component was especially hard because she was playing a decades-old vampire trapped in the body of a little kid, with mature understandings of sexuality and also the intricacy of relationships.

Dunst calls her playing coach “the best to the planet” and attempts to visit class two times a week when she is house, yet this year she is spent plenty of time on place.

“I could not get so right into a character that I Had take it home with me, you know? That will happen to be too strange, if I did Vampire and I’d come home and need to suck blood or something!”

However, she is more comfortable working than not. “I remember being younger and I ’d almost weep when I was not working, I am so attracted to getting distinct characters and working with other performers.


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You keep learning eternally, and that I do not believe I ’d ever do anything else – my brother’s out here right now, my mother also, so I am still house, we only make it someplace else. I really like doing pictures in L.A. so be with my family and my friends and my creatures, but occasionally you’ve to go away to do pictures, and that is OK also.”

“It was a character I understood I Had need certainly to get all this special effects make-up, it was the very first time I Had ever done things that way,” she remembered – great groundwork for the stylized make-up and costumes of Vampire. “And I got to meet everyone around the cast, that was extremely interesting.”

Does she ever require some slack? “I haven’t needed to quit, I actually adore it,” she demurred. “I do not enjoy that star thing – I dated this one man and everyone knew about it – I did not enjoy that.

I have seen pictures that I did not even understand folks took, my buddy saw these images on the internet of me and my family, and they understood what my nickname was – it is kind of odd that folks understand about you.” She does not regularly get understood because she frequently seems so distinct in her parts – Claudia and Hedril, for example, and Charlie on E.R. who was in rather poor condition.

She imagines that when Small Soldiers comes out, she might be approached with lots of children who have seen the film,

“but I do not mind that at all – lovers are the folks who make you what you’re.”

“I never possess a second thought within my head of anything else which will come along that I’d love better, since I am aware that is likely my path in life,”

she reasoned.

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