Fargo: Why the second series is even better than the first one

Whatever the second series of Fargo is, we are happy to say that it’s not Derrick nor True Detective.
Which would be to say that, regardless of the lack of all principal cast members from the initial run, it seems like we’ll be receiving a hit second show of an acclaimed American thriller (a effort True Detective did not manage in its somewhat complex and noirish second show).


Last time we seen Fargo-land, the TV remake of the Coen brothers’ timeless film, we’d Martin Freeman and Billy Bob Thornton in starring characters – the latter sporting possibly the worst haircut in little screen history as the psychotic baddie Lorne Malvo.

The grizzled caf owner, impersonated by Keith Carradine in show one, is here presented in his youthful avatar as a cleancut State Patrolman stumbling upon a grisly homicide in a waffle house and assisted in his investigations by his Sheriff fatherinlaw Hank.

Originator Noah Hawley has kept a lot of the flavour and plot devices of the initial run, not least the concurrent existence of an organised crime plotline that constantly threatens to viciously intrude with this small town universe characterised from the softly folksiness of the locals, proponents of the so called ‘Minnesota Nice’.



Nikki never broke her stride. Relive all of Swango’s best moments with episodes of #Fargo on FXNOW.

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However there’s nothing pleasant about the offenses which are perpetrated here.

As show one buffs will attest, it is a play that’s not scared of taking it slow – and then unexpectedly shocking you having a type of Jacobean intensity, absurdity and terror.

As the turn at the conclusion of tonight’s episode was only pitch-perfect Fargo, a grisly occasion that prompted laughter and disgust in exactly precisely the same breath.

However he was not quite dead. Wonder what he will do using the body….

If ever there was a second which got the mix of absurdism and blue violence then this was it. And what was that UFO thing we all saw only before all those departures?

Whatever the response, episode one means one thing. Fargo is back, and with it more departures and shocking surprises.

Without doubt the Gerhardts will be descending on the tiny town searching for the missing man and that I reckon additional gangsters may also be getting involved. It is the sort of thing Fargo does so well.
Some recipes are excessively best to tamper with, as this butcher will undoubtedly attest…

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