Midnight Special – Movie Review

Yet another fantastic movie to watch if you are the biggest fan of Kirsten. And I know you are. So here it goes.


What is the movie about?

Roy’s youngest son, Alton, has supernatural abilities to become the target of religious fanatics. One night, the two of you have to flee, and while the chase gradually grows into nation-wide pranks with the highest government levels, Roy gives the bounty everything he has to reveal Alton’s life mission… whatever it is. In a provocative film in which he intermingles supernatural with deep humanity, the acclaimed screenwriter and director Jeff Nichols explores questions of faith and bonds of love and trust.

What do I think about it?

Euphoric opening scene (best road drive from Drive), very good first hour, a few solid scenes after it, unfortunately the rest belongs to the worst Nichols ever wrote / shot. Conclusion is purely full retard… thus full late Shyamalan. A terrible shame … as a homage to seventy sci-fi mesh, as a dramatic unit with a totally subtle psychological line, much spilled.

Electrifying tension. A beautiful sober look at an otherwise epic genre. Precise, but moderate actors. Absence of sociopathic explanation and the resulting space for more abstract enjoyment – Giving preference to more intrusive viewing tensions in parallel with slow-moving minutes as opposed to first-time enjoyment of attraction layering. Although the first few minutes to me represents one of the greatest attractions of the year – the minimalist piano, the dusk, the emphasis on the passage of time, the minimal words, the title… the unjustly condemned movie of the year.


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The Midnight Special is about as special as making coffee for breakfast, but now, beware, instead of a dice of sugar, you can make it go with gypsum. This delicious, slightly hardening drink is great for fresh juice from nearby growing ponds. And to finish the spectacular breakfast, I would serve mixed quail eggs with a little graphite grease. Because that’s exactly what I’m feeling from this big Speel. Something like a movie, something like a story and something like a big final that we worked on the road trip and the two backflips of American Isuzu, which touched the road to Tomorrowland. Surprisingly, he did not jump out of the Crows, but the Extra-Terrestrial Alton, who wants to be a light.

Whoever saw at least one acratic clip for the album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming from M83, he had to bark with blues, because the spiritual friendship beats him like a Burmese from Zeman. Nichols did a bigger Spielberg tribute than Abrams with his bumpy Super8, and even more than that, he looked at Carpenter. Behind me a full boiler.


A non-commercial, slow, mysterious, my favorite genre, so the whole satisfaction. Only if the pointer was a bit tenser … I would like to know how that little superman in the human family found himself. If, perhaps, by descending an extra-terrestrial analogy of the mute spirit … that is, holy or abduction and then insemination of the mother in the UFO station on the Earth’s orbit, as we know from X-Files, or..? And I do not even know why it was on our Earth, whether it was a mistake, or..? In short, I’m not a wise man, but it can also be because I’m sleepy and unknowable. Or inattentive, because in the movie the answers to these questions were not answered. And i couldn’t even find the answers googling with my new moto! Oh well…

IHowever, I still really liked Midnight Special, and it was teleporting me at least for a while from my personal hell called “working week”, so some insignificant things, like the sense of his storyline, I do not intend to address at all. I also enjoyed the main actor Edgerton, Shannon (both of whom I have more and more) and, obviously, mother Kirsten Dunst.

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