Kirsten Dunst movies that you might have forgotten 

Some of you might know Kirsten Dunst as just the girl from one of the Spider Man movies. However, here we talk about more than just one of her movies. Kirsten is such an amazing actress that not being aware of her skills and achievements would just be a shame. For that reason, today we will look into some of her movies which deserve more recognition. 

You might find something that you will think is worth watching for the first time or watching again. I can assure you that either way you will be able to spend your evening well. Her movies are some of my favorite, so let’s get started.  


Let me start by saying that Orlando Bloom is in this movie. Are you already running to watch it? So, this movie is about a shoe designer (our very own Orlando) who finds out that his father died while visiting family in Elizabethtown. He goes there to retrieve the body, but he does not know that the love of his life (Kirsten Dunst) is waiting for him. 

Kirsten plays Claire who is a lovely flight attendant who instantly falls for Drew (played by Orlando). This movie is full of romance, tragedy, and amazing actors. It shows how two people can meet thanks to completely random situations and fall for each other, so what else could a viewer need? Remember this for the next time you need a movie!


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This movie stands out in Kirsten’s movie history, and it has so much action that you will be holding to the sides of your chair. Kirsten Dunst play Lidda who just turned 18 years old. During her birthday, she receives a check from her dad who she has not seen for many years. He is a professional gambler in Las Vegas who often gets in trouble. Therefore, you can already sense the action that will happen during the movie.  

This movie is shot in and near many casinos, so it looks amazing. I even started searching for free spins no deposit required after watching the movie. I did not need the dangerous people in casinos that were in the movie, as playing online casino games at home seemed like a way better idea. You should definitely watch this movie and maybe even join me in online games. 


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Mona Lisa Smile 

This is probably one of my favorites. Julia Roberts plays Katherine Watson who is hired to teach art history at Wellesley College. The plot takes place in 1953, so all the young girls are usually taught to be very traditional and conservative. However, Katherine want to inspire young women to challenge themselves and reach for more. 

Kirsten Dunst plays Betty who is one of those conservative students. Thanks to her professor, Betty becomes a brave woman who is ready to fight the society and its standards for women at that time. The movie itself involves a lot of romance, motivational speeches and much more. This is truly an inspirational movie, and you might need some tissues while watching, so you really have to keep this in mind!

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