Kirsten Dunst in the narcotic thriller “Woodshock”

Why to watch the movie: Kirsten Dunst stars in it

Kirsten DunstI admit, I could not stand Kirsten Dunst earlier.

Whether because of her types in the movie, or because of some details of appearance – I do not know. However, time passed, and with him a lot of new films, with this actress including, and being deeply in love with the cinema, I had to admit: Kirsten is amazing. You may not love her, but respect as an actress – be so kind, for in her craft she rose very high.

And here comes the movie Woodshock, the main idea of ​​which is that Dunst would constantly fall down with a cannabis, and we all watched her experiences. And believe me, already at this moment I’m interested and I’m giving money for the ticket, but that’s not all. Heroine Kirsten something oppresses, pursues, she needs to survive a heavy loss, but what will come of it? Coupled with a sophisticated visual series, rich in beautiful forest landscapes and hallucinatory impressions, this synopsis really captivates.

Just watch the trailer to understand what I’m talking about.


The picture was written and directed by the sisters Kate and Laura Mallivi, newcomers to the movies, and for debutants are always curious to watch. The distribution is handled by an independent company A24, regularly supplying the good for the film market. In addition to Dunst, there are Stef DuVall in the caste (“Bones” and “Think Like a Culprit” series), Johan Philip Asbeck (“The Game of Thrones”), Joe Cole (“Sharp Peaks”), Lorelei Linklater (“Awakening Life” and ” Adolescence “for directing his famous father Richard Linklater), Jack Kilmer (” Glorious Guys “) and Susan Traylor (” Fight “and” Bodyguard “, yes, the same ones). In short, the cast is like mobile roulette casinos – not that loud, but very strong and interesting.

The film on the provocative theme from the director-sisters Kate and Laura Mallivi received scathing evaluations on Rotten Tomatoes. And at the same time in their film starred such famous actors as Kirsten Dunst and Johan Philip Asbeck (series “The Game of Thrones”). The film, the plot of which is associated with marijuana, as if it was created for meditation. And to evaluate it in comparison with works of art will be wrong – it must pass under the section of the background video, which cost in

  • Cast – Joe Cole, Stef DuVall, Jack Kilmer, Susan Traylor.
  • The budget is $ 5 000 000.
  • Lenght is 01:40.
  • World premiere was 04/09/2017.


 woodshock art

Theresa (Kirsten Dunst) works in a marijuana store. Her mother (Susan Trailor) is seriously ill and then Teresa’s boss hands her some substance that she mixes with the drug and gives a smoke to her mother. After the death of her mother, Theresa regains consciousness for a long time and cannot establish communication with her boyfriend, with whom they live in a house near the forest. One day an elderly neighbor Ed (Stef DuVall) comes to the store and hints that he also wants to die.

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